All CONUS military duty stations plus Hawaii | Contract


So you wanna be a MILLIE Scout? Sweet!


MILLIE Scouts are a vast network of military spouses stationed at duty stations across the nation ready to be boots-on-the-ground for PCS'ing military families. We would love to have Scouts at as many installations as possible to be able to serve the greatest number of military families! So, let's get to it. 

Scouts are:

  • Independent Contractors who make, on average, between $50 - $75 per job. Think TaskRabbit for PCS'ing military families!  
  • Fact finders who provide decision support.
  • Great at enabling long-distance military landlords to effectively manage their rental properties. 
  • Stress relievers for military families who would otherwise be facing a sight-unseen rental situation. 
  • Typically hired to perform tasks like house reviews, neighborhood reviews, property check-ups, photographing properties, property walkthroughs, and more.
  • Infectiously positive, real estate aficionados with a keen eye for detail, and able to respond to potential clients promptly (we're talking 24 hours or less, folks!).
  • Tech-savvy and social media-friendly.
  • Able to work remotely, supported by a virtual network of over 130 other Scouts, and provided with extensive onboarding and marketing support directly from the MILLIE team! 
  • Military spouses, mostly active duty, and we also welcome Gold Star and veteran's spouses with open arms! We are looking for folks with a few PCS's under their belt (can be as a military brat too!)
  • Oh, and able to pack up their Scout Job and move it right along with them to their next duty station after they PCS themselves - say WHAAA??! This gig is part-time, location-based, and super flexible - all things we love! 
  • Able to take advantage of an array of virtual professional development opportunities in our resource group! We invite industry experts to share insights with our Scouts and pour into them while they're getting their name and services out there.  

Scouts are NOT:

  • Property managers, agents, or representatives
  • Allowed to act legally on behalf of clients or give advice to clients. Scouts simply report objective facts to support informed decision making on behalf of our clients. 
  • Encouraged to advertise the availability of rental properties (again, not a property manager).
  • Able to prepare or discuss a property management agreement with an owner or tenant.
  • Able to negotiate leases or lease terms.
  • Able to show a rental property in the same manner as a real estate agent or property manager. 
  • Drivers or allowed to accompany a potential renter to a rental property in their vehicles.
  • Rent collectors.

Does this sound like it's up your alley? You know, helping others and generating income? Great!!

Now, we'd love to hear more about YOU! Continue on to the application and we'll be in touch. We look forward to getting to know you.

If you would like to be considered for other postions that may become available in the future with MILLIE, please use Indeed to apply and upload your resume so that we have it on file.


Are you a real estate agent who is just as passionate about helping military families as we are? While being a MILLIE Scout isn't an option for you, we'd love to introduce you to our AgentHero Referral Network! It's free to join and comprised exclusively of military spouse and veteran real estate agents. We'd love to tell you more!