All military duty stations

Hello and thank you for your interest in becoming a MILLIE Scout. Our Scout Community is nationwide and expanding to OCONUS locations.  We want to have Scouts near every military duty station. Scouts are all miitary spouses, mostly active duty, however some Scouts are gold star spouses and veterans spouses. 

Scouts are independent contractors who are fact finders and enablers. We enable long distance landlords to effectively manage their rental property themselves. We fact find for sight unseen tenants, providing the information they need to make their own  well-informed decisions prior to legally obligating themselves to a lease. We can fact find and enable any long distance client.  Common Scout tasks include a house review, neighborhood review, property check up, take updated photos, property walk through, and more.

Scouts are not property managers, agents, or representatives. We do not act legally on behalf of our clients. We do not give advice to our clients.

Scouts DO NOT engage in any of the following:

● Advertise the availability of rental property

● Prepare or discuss a property management agreement with an owner or tenant.

● Negotiate leases or lease terms.

● Show a rental property in the same manner as a real estate agent or property manager. 

● Drive or accompany a potential renter to a rental property.

● Collect rents.

Scouts are essentially the eyes and ears and boots on the ground when their client's cant be there.   Thank you again for your interest in becoming a Scout.  We look forward to getting to know you. 


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